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Worm Castings

Our worm castings are produced in a climate controlled environment year round using only the finest, natural materials available today giving us the same consistency time after time. Rather than soft mushy type worm castings, ours are granular similar to mice droppings in shape and size which can actually be spread with a fertilizer or seed spreader.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings contain readily available plant food for both indoor and outdoor plants. They are pH neutral and are loaded with beneficial aerobic microbes hence they will not burn your plants or their root systems!

Many companies offer worm castings in sealed plastic bags which renders them useless.

As by the definition of aerobic: requires oxygen to survive.

Worm castings sold by us through our Organic Worm Farm are not packaged until the time at which they are sold and then placed in a breathable sand bag for shipping and storage.

Bagged Worm Castings

We use a proven, quality control method to produce our castings, similar to a manufacturing company. Our worms are placed in a rich humus material (organic), with some added all natural materials (no seeds) for food. We use a specific amount of each along with a specific number of worms in each container.

After a specific amount of time, our containers are harvested with the worm castings being collected from a 1/8 inch screen, leaving behind the “Black Gold”.

This process is completed over and over again giving us consistent, premium worm castings week after week.

We DON’T put them in an outdoor worm bins
We DON’T feed them table scraps
We DON’T feed them newspaper or cardboard
We DON’T feed them animal manure.

Organic Worm Farm offers Worm Castings in 1 pound and 15 pound bags. Larger orders are available by contacting us.

To order Worm castings, visit our online store.

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