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Alabama Jumpers

Alabama Jumpers are a different type of composting worm and do well outside in the yard or garden area south of Chattanooga, TN. The worms grow up to10 inches in length and will jump out of your hand as they wiggle. The Alabama Jumper or Georgia Jumper also make an excellent fishing worm.

Alabama Jumpers

Alabama Jumpers - Are not prolific to date when raised in worm bins, however can be very prolific when raised outside in the yard, flower or vegetable gardens.

Alabama Jumpers can eat half its body weight or more per day of food scraps. Alabama Jumperseat many types of nitrogen based food scraps such as vegetables, fruits, melons... however make a better maure worm or simply raised in peat moss with food supplements. They should not be fed tomatoes, lemons, oranges etc. due to the acidic levels within them. They are usually raised in carbon based bedding such as shredded newspapers, cardboard and peat moss.

Alabama Jumpers can be fed Purina Worm Chow as a primary diet if you prefer or used as a supplement due to the nutritional value which is loaded with assorted grains, minerals and vitamins to help raise fatter healthier worms.

The Alabama Jumper is probably the least known worm and the reason Alabama Jumpers Blog was started as we are currently running experiments to see what conditions they favor, if the can become prolific inside....

Organic Worm Farm offers Alabama Jumpers in quantities from 1/4 pound to 2,000 counts.

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