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Alabama Jumpers

Also known asAmynthus gracilus, Georgia Jumpers, Wigglers and Turkey Worm are a very active worm which can wiggle so fast it springs out of ones hand, hence the term jumper. These worms are true earthworms which will burrow down several feet during the day and come to the surface to feed at night.

Alabama Jumpers

Organic Worm Farm was the first to raise Alabama Jumpers in the continental USA in a controlled environment, something we still due today during the colder months of the year. Being an earthworm, these worms prefer hard packed materials to burrow through, generating an underground network of tunnels for aeration, watering and root growth for your grass and garden areas. The Alabama Jumpers can be raised as a composting worm however do much better when top fed!.

Alabama Jumpers can be fed Purina Worm Chow as a primary diet if you prefer or used as a supplement due to the nutritional value which is loaded with assorted grains, minerals and vitamins to help raise fatter healthier worms. They may also be fed broken down organic matter.

Organic Worm Farm offers Alabama Jumpers in quantities of 1,000 counts, which is approximately 2 pounds. Larger orders are available by contacting us. Certain times of the year we offer larger ones by the pound.

To order Alabama Jumper worms, visit our online store.

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